When Should You Drink Water For The Proper Food Absorption?

You must have seen that a number of people have the habit of drinking glasses of water along with their meals. Some think that it washes down the food they are eating and aids in digestion. However, the nutritionists all over the world do not agree with this idea. Various studies prove that this practice dilutes the essential gastric juices released by the body during you chew your foods. These juices help in the process of digestion. Drinking water during meals not only hampers the digestion process but also causes an upsurge in insulin levels.

While discussing drinking water after meals, we generally discuss the issue in three folds:

  • Drinking water before meals
  • Drinking water with meals
  • Drinking water after meals

As per the nutritionist, food takes roughly two hours to digest. After you take your meals, the food goes through the oesophagus to your stomach, then to the colon before being flushed out of the system. Our system secrets digestive fluid and there is a certain proportion of fluid and solid in our gastric system. Now, if you drink water just before taking your meal, you are disturbing the proportion of fluid and the solid component by diluting what you are eating. Food enters the large intestine much sooner than it should be and fastens the digestive process. You should not drink water just before taking your meals.

You should also not drink water along with your food because the nutritionist says it fastens the digestion process and tampers the absorption of nutrition by your body after digestion.

Coming to the issue of drinking water just after the meals, the studies show that it tampers the natural time the digestive system takes to digest your food as it not only dilutes the gastric juice but also the enzymes that are essential for food digestion. This also makes you feel hungrier faster than expected. You develop the habit of eating more, which results in overeating and bloating.

Hence, it is important to keep your body metabolism hydrated and you should make it a point to drink at least two litres of water every day for the healthy living. At the same time, you should know the right time to gulp down this wonderful liquid. You should maintain the gap of at least 30 minutes both before and after taking your meals.

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